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Nathalie (famille1999)

LOL I don't even want to venture a guess for that one! LOL It might scare the heck out of me the next time I take a look at my own pile of scraps! :P

I need to get going with this too. As a matter of fact I need to get on a card making roll since I have a few that needs my absolute attention these days...

And btw, I just love the cards that you've made!

I've seen a post about him on 2Peas too so I think that this little boy might very well be on his way to get his wish. :D


very cute Barb!

i went through my paper scraps and *gasp* threw some out. filled an entire recycling bag! and i still have a BIG file full too

Michelle Sturgeon

I'm so glad to see you making cards! They look cute. What a great way to use up scraps! See, the only way to get RID of scraps is to use them up and STOP generating more scraps! That means no cutting up new paper. Can you do that? Didn't think so! LOL!


wow Barb, you are a one woman card making machine!!!! Very proud of you :)


Love your cards Barb and it is really for two great causes:
1 - Shane - fulfill his dream
2 - help you clean out your scrap stash - lol

I would have to guess I could make thousands of cards with my scraps. It really doesn't take a lot of paper to make a card unfortunately....


I have sooooo many scraps that I need to use up. If only I could get myself motivated to create some cards like this. Wanna send some of that OCD this way???


Wow! NOthing wrong with healthy obsessions. You've inspired me to start my own card making blitz.

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