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Happy Valentine's Day, my friend. I hope that the love and joy radiating from MY heart somehow rubs off on all my dear ones...nice coloring little guy!

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

Awwww.... Happy V day to you too, Barb, & to your sweet boys!


I, too, try to shirk this holiday. Fortunately, with a house of boys who are older, I don't have to make a big deal of it. I basically have a nice dinner in the evening as this is truly where their hearts are, in their stomaches.


I feel the same way about V-day...we never do very much (and refuse to give $$ to Hallmark!! Ha Ha). I'm sure once Jessica gets older we'll be enjoying it more too. Happy belated Vday to you and your boys! xo

Michelle Sturgeon

What a great valentine from James!


great Valentine James!

i'm having a giveaway on my blog this weekend. check it out :)


Guilty Mom Syndrome? Great Mom Syndrome from the outside looking in, my friend. That is something you are. Happy Valentine's day. I hope you had an enjoyable one. (better late than never, right? lol)

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