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Nathalie (famille1999)

Happy chinese new year Barb! :D When exactly was it? LOL I've been hearing about it since the beginning of February, so I'm not sure anymore! *insert red face here*

I'll be a nice girl and I'll accept full responsibility for getting you hooked on the Scrapbook Centrale's forums. LOL There's so many talented ladies over there and fun challenges that it's not too hard to go back and back! LOL

I can't wait to see more new pages from you! How are your LAW pages coming along? ;D I'll try to do mine tonight.


busy weekend for you. happy chinese new year! i've always wanted to go to the celebrations in Vancouver and never got around to it. maybe next year


Happy Chinese New Year Barb. I was thinking of you when I was watching the news last night.


Happy New Years to you Barb. Wow, but you are one busy lady, no wonder you don't have time to celebrate. LOL
I'm sure James will come around about the water thing. It took Amelia 7 long years (she would literally scream through every bath she was so afraid of water) and then one day while we were over at a friend's pool. Poof! She was jumping off the diving board. Shocked the heck out of me, but boy was I happy. Kids...just when you think you have them figured out.:D


Of course frozen dumplings from Lobby's count :) Grey was so frustrating, why do they do this to us :( I too love the shopaholic series!!


Happy belated Chinese New Year Bar-B, I would love to attend those festivities, so colorful!!!!

I love your new pics of your boys, and Uncle Andy (yum) lol.

Good for the swimming lessons! and by putting the other one in, they will teach him to get his face wet, I'm sure they know all the tricks (good luck).

So enjoy ready your blog girl :)


Happy Chinese New Year to you and your fam, Barb! And yes, Loblaws dumplings count...they're yummy!! Loved the photos - the boys are getting so BIG!!!

Tracy Austin

How funny...I saw the photos of the two boys and thought...now why do I recognize that fellow in the middle?? LOL! Goodness...it is still so hard to believe you were so close! Hmmm...high strung you say?? Then I don't feel too bad about my girls exhibiting their high energy during our outing lol


Happy Chinese New Year. I can't get over how your boys are changing ... growing. Great photos of the boys and Uncle Andy.


He does look a little rigid in the water...but it'll come...he'll be swimmin like a fish in NO time!

Happy New Year!


happy Chinese New Year. I'm sure the boys enjoyed all the festivities.

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