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Nathalie (brn2scrp)

Awwwwww ... so sweet. My very first blog award!! Thanks Barb! I heart YOUR blog ... it's the first one I check every morning!


Sorry I nominated you after Nat did, I only read her blog after, lol! But you deserve it! :)


Silly girl! What are you so sorry about?! I'm honoured to be a double-nominee! I hope you didn't think I was talking about you and Nathalie in my post. I was talking about the gals I've seen who did this award thing two or three months ago and probably wouldn't want to play again, kwim? :P


Oh how cool. Thanks Barb!
You know, you would be on my list of blog awardees too. I really love checking your blog out. I feel a real connection ... especially since we have very similar issues that we (and our boys) have to deal with.


Awww - thanks for the award Barb. That is so sweet. I love checking out your blog as well as many others - I just wish I had more time for it... Now, to think of who to pass this on to.

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