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Nathalie (brn2scrp)

We play Spongebob Monopoly ... and my ds beats me every time ... sigh!


We tend to play boardgames mostly during winter months. So, it would be a great time to resurrect our Monopoly and other boardgames ! Rafael also loves to be the banker ! Last year, he was learning how to give money back from a given set amount and he sometimes would gives us more money than he needed to ... and I'd joked that I would gladly shop at his store one day ! LOL Let's see how well he hands out the change this year ! :)

Looking forward to your new LO !

Have a great day ! I'm scrapping today part of the day as it is a day off for francophone schools today !

melanie louette

Thaty's a cool photo Barb! Board games do get better as they get older, but I still have to referee once in a while. ;p
Have a good Monday and stay warm!

Nathalie (famille1999)

I love that you played along. :) It's really fun to see what pictures come up with that 6-6 choice. We have a Monopoly Jr too at home, the princess one that we played a few times but the girls just got the new electronic version with Visa cards instead of cold hard cash! LOL And we're dealing millions instead of hundreds. Like when you pass go, you get 2 millions instead of 200$ LOL

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