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Nathalie (famille1999)

OMG!!! Has it been a year already? We had such a great time all together. Suzanne is such a fun gal. :) Even if I look like a fool, this picture brings back good memories! :)

I love the page that you did. So colorful, so fun! I like the brad dot on the "i" and those different color ones at the bottom. :)


Love the layout and love the photo! Thanks for playing!


Love the happy page...and you are a better woman than I for doing the LOAD.
I would love to join in but I literally would get NOTHING else done in life if I did :(
That photo is hysterical too!

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

Love the LO ... so colourful! Can't wait to see your LOADs, loved the ones you did last month. I couldn't possibly join that club. Maybe LOAW or LOAM but no way could I commit to LOAD!


Great layout Barb! So fun and colourful and that picture is awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing your LOAD layouts. Good for you for your motivation.


Awesome pic ! I miss seeing Nathalie, Suzanne, you Barb and others at crops !

Love that wonderful colorful LO ! And I'll be looking forward to seeing your LOADs ! I would love to commit to LOAD but I have enough commitments as it is for now. Perhaps in the future !


Really great layout Barb,love the mixed up title.
No way i could do a load absolutely no way :)

Jenn Langlois

Love you Barb! Thanks for the linkage!

I love your LO's - I am going to have to challenge myself sometime real soon to do a 'Barb' LO.



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