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where was that dragon thing? we need details, LOL!

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

You have definitely piqued my curiosity ... Ella Friends? Big names on there ...

Awesome that you got to spend the weekend with Nath and her family! It's not that surprising that the kids get along - what I think is cool, is that the husbands seem to get along!! (Are they both computer geeks, or what? Lol)


Glad you had a great visit, looks like you had lots of fun. Love the pic of the guys with the laptop side by side. It's too cute.


Oh yeah! What a great weekend it was. :) I'm really happy to see how much everyone was more in tune with everyone's feelings this weekend. :) It is indeed just wonderful that we all love each other's company.

Can't wait to see you again! Enjoy your vacation time. :)

Stéphanie Pouliot

love the pic of you and Nathalie!
Was really happy to see you both Saturday!
Enjoy your week of vacations! Hugs


Looks like it was a fun weekend! Nice pictures of you all. Oohh... I'm curious about this scrapbooking news!


Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend together- yay for the kids maturing and giving the adults some space. ;p Although I'm curious as to why you and Nath are sitting on a motorcycle? ;p
And congrats on your big news!


come on barb, spill the beans, enquiring minds want to know and btw, love the photo of you and nat on the bike! :)

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