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Well, you sound crazy busy!
LOL about the ex!
My daughter had the same cancer Terry Fox had...I'm glad you & your boys took part in the run :)
Hope you have some free time to actually scrap this week.


The girls walked on Friday for the Terry Fox race too. Both said that they were walking for my SIL, without any prompting from our part. Actually they didn't even know of the new one. Too bad you are so far because I could just send the girls over for a couple of hugs whenever you're in need. LOL They don't seem to be growing out of that phase just yet, even Laetitia. :)

I hope that the renos go on without a hitch! We've been working in Laetitia's room over the weekend to revamp everything and it's really starting too look awesome.

Take care and have a good week! :)

Nicole S

LOVE that artwork - you know how partial I am to kids drawing - this is so cute. Good luck with the bathroom renos!


kid independence is the best. i truly love how they are growing up but on the other hand, how and WHEN did that happen?

great artwork James!

post reno pics ;)


running into an ex can be a little awkward. I run into one of mine about once a year. Usually it's not too bad, but this year my mom was with me and it was the first time she has seen him since. I could tell that she found it extrememly difficult.

Stéphanie Pouliot

LOVE THE picture of James!
Will be showing it to Stephane tonight! would be cool to scan it and scap it! Ohhh running into Ex's... happy that it went well! Have a great humpday! Hope to see you soon (was a busy day Sathurday oculdn't chat much) Hugs xx

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