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katie squires

YEAH JENN!!!!!!! She rocks :) especially when she wears he cowgirl gear :)


LOL,I'm off this morning to pick up my ordered orange peel cardstock :)
I love that letterbox line.

Stéphanie Pouliot

Love the article - so happy that the store is featured! Have a great week!


I agree....She soo needs to carry AC.


Yaaay Jenn!!

Jenn Langlois

Barb - I think I say this every time I come to your blog but - yer awesome!

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!!! It's been like a month long adreniline rush...



PS Your White CS is in! I will be calling later...

Joanne C

I too am so pleased that Jenn and The Scrapbox are in the magazine! I tried to get the first copy at the store but they hadn't been delivered yet. I've got it now, though, and I'm in the group picture. :) I love love love the people and the products at the store.


I'll have to find out where that store is when (if) I some to Ottawa in the Spring time.

Jenn Langlois

Hi Barbara - check out www.thescrapbox.ca for hours and info and stuff. Hope to see you!


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