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Nathalie (famille1999)

Love that picture of the boys. :) The girls have a food drive at school to and I'm taking them shopping tonight. I've given each of them an amount of money and I asked them to put some of their own in there too. I've given them the task of deciding what to buy with the money that they have to make them realize how much costs food. I can't wait to see how it works out. And we're supposed to go and pick our Christmas tree tonight too.


OK - in regards to Straight No Chaser... I've got just one word for you woman...


;) guess I know what I'm buying today....

katie squires

Merry Christmas Barb :) I hope your holiday is filled with moments that you will remember always with a huge grin :)


Love the idea of the food bank and your boys participating in a big way. Rafael gets a certain amount of $ every December to spend at the grocery store to donate. I love the fact that it's been a tradition in our home for the past couple of years - this year will be the 3rd year. He picks the food and calculates how much money it adds up to and how much good food he can get for his amount of money. We're going grocery-shopping next week when we're both off school ! :) Great pic of your boys ! James looks so much like his dad with this funny face of his ... And Thomas has grown soooo much !

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