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I always found the bus/school thing strange! I totally get the "crazy camera lady" reticence too. Sorry you had digi-frustration, seems to be the way of it. Me too :) Have a wonderful Thursday, Barb.

katie squires

Crazy camera lady ..i see this as the title of your next LO LOL


you got way more snow than we did. It ended up just being a big slushy mess.

Nathalie (famille1999)

We got ourselves a nice snow storm too over here. The girls had a blast though going to their friends' house and playing outside for hours. I hear you on the crazy camera lady thing. I'm the same. :)

Nathalie (famille1999)

Sorry, I forgot to say that I liked your layout very much. Fun, cute and festive. Perfect! :)


LOVE this page!!!

hoping for a big dumping of snow here this weekend-yay!

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

It's nice that you make time to hang out with friends. So good to have that balance in your life. Mommy, wife, PERSON, lol. Hey, I know how you can handle the whole crazy camera lady thing ... just hang out with scrapbookers ... we get it!!! :o)


We had that same storm, and Noah's Christmas concert ended up being cancelled, so I went out to dinner with the girls to our staff party- lots of laughs! :D You're so right, we don't get out enough and treat ourselves.
Love the cute layout, and I will definitely check out the BG stuff, had no idea they've done digi.

Diane Herman

so strange reading about being snowed in...I definitely will have to visit Canada for a White Christmas one year :)
ooo...I am just beginning to dabble in digi...will be checking it out


Didn't know that about BG! Just popped over there and looks like the launch is delayed... but ya know, I find with Digi in general there are 100s of new products every week, so I don't feel as trapped to lines like I do with paper.. I adore Michelle Coleman's stuff on little dreamer designs, and it's very BG like.

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