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LOL! Yes, I collect paper. I wish I could use it ... problem is there's too much of it.

How wonderful for your boys to be able to share that interest with their Grandpa.

katie squires

very cool :)


I still have sets of cards I collected as a kid.
WackyPacky cards
Superman...the list goes on.


Collecting and exciting for many people. When I was under 10, I was collecting postage stamps. I had quite a collection ... unfortunately, I don't have a clue where it went to. It would have been so fun to still have it ! I started another postage stamps collection in my twenties and THAT collection I still have. I stopped collecting soon after becoming a mom. No more time to go to the post office to get the new postage stamps. One day, Rafael will inherit my postage stamps collection. So cool to see all of the different designs !

The only thing that I collect nowadays are Martha Stewart punches.;)

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