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Happy New Year, my friend!
May you MAKE the AC DT this year ;)


lol Jody! I've gotta admit, that's the last thing on my mind these days. But hey, I'll take your good wishes and wish the same for you in 2010. xoxo


I've been struggling with a choice of word for this year and my list is pretty similar to yours (isn't that funny?) - mine might need to be make too!


That's a great word Barb! I know that you can MAKE it work for you! LOL Happy New Year my friend. Best of all to you and your loving family. :)


Awesome word of choice and a great list.


Love your word. My goal today is to come up with mine and blog about it *gasp* lol

Happy New Year, my friend.


Great word, I may have to do this now.

Diane Herman

Cool word!!!


good choice!


Excellent word! Thanks for your comment.


May you make the most of your word. :)


I think you MADE the right choice in that word, Barb :) I've been wondering what word to choose and was thinking about "disciplined" but it sounds so harsh. MAKE is so much more appealing and flexible in its application. My other choice was "time". TIME for family, TIME for me, TIME to slow down a little, TIME for hobbies, TIME to take care of me, TIME for exercise, ... sort of the same list as you :)

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