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I'm thinking James drawing would make a great simple page :)

Diane Herman

I have to admit to never watching Ice Hockey but after watching Nicoles hubby WATCHING ice hockey maybe I should :)

alexandra s.m.

Hey there Barb! Love the drawing and your page!! PERFECT!
I'm so sad to see the end of the game but Canada must be so proud!! Way to go Guys ;-)

katie squires

I love how crafty intelligent your kids are, just like there mommy :)


I've been totally immersed in the games too. What an amazing game that was last night. I don't know what I'm going to do with my time now that they're over. (maybe I'll get back to my blog and scrapping, lol)


Sorry I've been coming to check out your posts but I've been neglecting to write comments. That drawing of James's is too cute! I'm always in awe of your boys creativity. :) Love love love that page too. :)


i miss the olympics :(

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