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Nathalie (brn2scrp)

Pressed the snooze button three times this morning. 5:21 is really 4:21. Nuff said.

Love James' sense of humour (and Teddy is a big C&H fan ... we have a Hobbes of our own living in our house).

Hope your internal clock (and mine, lol) adjusts soon! Have a good week!


That chalk drawing is too funny! Gonna share it with my kids.


We have every Calvin and Hobbs book ever written in our house. I loved that cartoon and was so sad when the artist retired those 2 little characters. I especially liked the transmorgrifier( I think that's how it's spelled) Hope you are starting to adjust to the time change, so glad we don't have to do that.


haven't evn noticed it to be honest, fatigue wise... and love the light later in the day!


LOL!!! That's hilarious. ;p Great sense of humour James!
I was a big C&H fan many moons ago and have passed down my books to the kids, they get a kick out of them too.
Yes, tired here too, but the extra daylight is SO nice! Not to mention the beautiful warm weather.


Benji has done drawings like that too; love them

this time change is killing me. we haven't eaten dinner before 7 once this week yet. thank goodness the kids are on break too and i'm finished work until Monday or we would be in real trouble lol


I love that your guys have a sense of humor like that. The girls aren't that good at this yet. Still battling the change of hour here too. Instead of getting easier to get up in the morning, it seems that it's getting harder. *sigh* I'm happy that the boys are enjoying their March break. :)


My daughter did one of those, only it was a body outline of her brother in front of our truck. I haven't scrapped it, maybe during May LOAD.....


I LOLed at James' chalk drawing.
Great sense of humor :)

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