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Kristyn G

Our 2 yr old son is the subject of all of my pictures these days! We have a little girl due in August so she will soon be sharing the spotlight. My hubby gave me a Nikon D5000 for Mother's Day (to upgrade my D40) so I REALLY want to get better at leaving Auto Mode behind! thanks for the chance to win!

Louise Dubord

I am thinking of upgrading my camera because I haven't been happy with the results of my little digital. I really need to learn more! I mostly take pictures of family and trips. Thanks for the chance!


I'll be expected to take tons of pictures of my two nieces - a toddler and infant next weekend... any tips would be great!

absolutely love the title of your layout :)


I bought a digital SLR last year and I am like you, always shooting on auto mode!! Any tips to move me beyond that would be great :)


I just bought a DSLR and I don't know how to do a thing on it other than auto....so any help would be greatly appreciated.


My four kids - ages 5-12 - are my main and constant subjects! I too feel like I don't fully appreciate the potential of my digital SLR. Thanks for the chance to win!


Great read...

My most photographed subject is my son, hands down. My husband and the dogs aren't even close ;)


Oops that last post got away from me.

I need to get more comfortable with hubby's D300. I use it as a point and shoot when it is capable of SO much more... I would love to win this book.

Good luck everyone :)


My most often photographed subjects are my two critters...er... kids...

Karen G

I love photographing my boys. They are reluctant subjects, but love their faces.

Diane Herman

yep...me too...my amazing daughters :)


I just upgraded to a DSLR this January and I have hardly had time to use it! This book would be a great motivator! Actually, following your blog has really whetted my appetite to try and become more creative both in my picture taking and in my scrapping!


My most often photographed subjects are my two youngest children, ages 4 & 13. (I photograph them both separately and together.) My oldest is 17 and doesn't like to have his picture taken :-( Thanks for the chance to win!

Joanne C

I'm not good at pictures of people, maybe because my son never wanted his picture taken. :) I keep trying, though. I take much better pictures of scenery. I use a point and shoot. I wonder if I'd improve with a DSLR?

donna c

hello all,

interestingly enough, i scrap photos that my dear brother and his wife take of their adorable kids, the photos i take most myself are on photowalks in and around london, ontario. we go out once a month and take huge volumes of awesome interesting odd and wierd photos...i do love my canon sure shot point and shoot..thanks for the inspiring post! i do love the page about babies growing up to be jpegs! too funny.


love taking portraits of my three little ones, would like to be better at more situational photos, thanks for the chance to win.


great review Barb. I'm with you on the time machine thing, sigh! New parents today are so lucky-all those pictures of fingers and toes, jammy faces and first everything!
Would love to win a copy of this book - perhaps with it I could take pics of my teen, lol!

Lee Currie

My most photographed thing are my kids - in action :) There is always more to learn about better picture taking!


My favorites subjects are my 3 boys and now a baby girl. I do not want to miss any milestone but I recently bought a DSL and I wish I could take better pictures. This class would be so perfect, I know I would benefit from it for sure. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.


my favorite subjects are the kids and my quilts lol!

Nicole S

Yeah yeah yeah ME - i wanna know how to take better pictures - hey i wanna learn how to use my camera in general!!! Subjects are kids, of course!

katie squires

lets see who do I take the most pictures of....my little turdettes :) hee hee hee

I would love to learn how to take pictures of them, that still look good when they moves so fast!


My children are my most often photographed subjects. Like most Moms out there! I'd love to know more and am so excited to have the opportunity to win this book! :)


The girls are usually my most often photographed subject even if I've been having trouble getting them to pose for me together these days. :)


Definitely my little girl who's almost 7 months old :o)

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