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Great page Barb! I love the softness of it. Is it an hybrid page? The weekend is almost here. Enjoy yourself and don't be too hard on your ageing body now you hear me!! ;P LOL

Pamela Young

Fantastic layout! I love it! :)


Very pretty LO! And I'd seen your one on Ella also. Wonderful work.

Linda Beeson

What a fabulous connection in the photos! WOW!


That's an amazing layout, Barb! What history and emotion there!


You're not talking to yourself. ;p I just haven't had time to leave a comment.
Love the page, and I did manage to check out your Ella article, it's fab! I hear you on the exhausted part... the school schedule is kicking my butt too!


Great page, Barb. I really love it, love the antique-nes of it. You were such a cute doll when you were 3 years old !


this layout is in the top 10 of my fav layouts you've done. love it!

i'm exhausted too. it's 11pm and i should be in bed *yawn*


HI Barb, Thanks for starting the blog roll on Me:TAV, it is so great "meet" other Canadians interested in scrapbooking. Also, I didn't realize you wrote for Ella's blog, how cool! Love your layout shown above. Cheers, Jess:)

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