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Nicole S

Fun post, Barb. I love it. Though I think this is a scrapbook layout in itself!


Love ya Barb. This is awesome!


Great Post, Barb. Taking care of yourself makes it easier to take care of others!


I don't think I have taken that much me-time lately to do things to make me feel fulfilled as a person and not as a mom, spouse or profesionnal. It's probably time to change that! ;) Thanks for the reminder! :)

katie squires

Barb, quite simply you are AMAZING!

Linda Barber

Awesome! Love this! Yes, you do a lot for everyone. And I doubt you spent as much time on yourself as you think you do. :) You could always use more time on yourself... LOL!


I really like your comments especially about the scrapping part. Honestly, a huge part of why I don't really scrap anymore is because everything, and I mean everything I read about "why I scrapbook" goes on and on about it being "for the kids" so "they" talked me out of it! I even clicked on your link to Cathy Z's class, was keen on it, then I think 3 mins into the video sell, she said you should do this because "your kids will want to know who you were" or something like that. I didn't bother to listen to the rest. REALLY tired of the scrapbook industry making it seem like we can't just do something for ourselves, whether we have kids or not... so thanks!


love the list. and i totally agree, we need to take time for us; i believe it makes us better moms :)

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