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That is AWESOME! I love it!!

katie squires

Seriously can't get over how crazy cool creative your children are! I love it.

and I can't believe you hadn't read Harry Potter before....I used to take the day off work each time a new book came out and would spend the whole day reading it and then would go into Harry Potter withdrawl.

Joanne C

What an impressive Hedwig!

I love Harry Potter. To my great surprise, I even stood in line at midnight a couple of times. :)

Diane Herman

My eldest has grown p with Harry...her schooling years co-inced with the HP perfectly :)
We have seen every movie together and next week we finally get to see the second last movie...we are so darn excited! And I am so darn excited that at almost 19 she still wants me to come to the movies with her :)


Diane, that's awesome that you and your daughter have such a close relationship. I'm hoping my kids will continue to be seen in public with me in years to come! lol


Your boy is just AWESOME. We are a HP loving family too, we've seen all 6 movies together and are eagerly waiting for the final one(s)! I just finished reading the last book because I couldn't wait until the movie to find out the ending :)

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