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so cute!

not a halloween fan here either. so glad that with the Christian school, it's not a big deal. looking forward to another year of ignoring the doorbell lol


We share the same approach to Halloween Barb! We do mostly store bought costumes for the kids while Kevin and I either do store bought or Value Village ones. We always go trick-or-treating as a family and hand out candy afterwards. After last year's smashing success as the superhero family, we are going out as the Super Mario Bros gang this year! It's a lot of fun, I have to admit :) We love carving pumpkins as well but not as much as we love eating all the candy ;)

katie squires

I can't get over his art work, he is TALENTED!


I'm not a fan of Halloween either. I used to really love it when the boys were small, but now I could do without. Like you, I'll do a pumpkin and hand out candy and enjoy seeing all the little ones in their costumes, but that's it for me.


Never been a big fan of Halloween Holiday either. My first years as an elementary school teacher were painful for me come Halloween Day. I couldn't wait for the day to be over ! LOL And it was so hard on teachers what with the kids super excited, already full of sugar in their little bodies and the next day was even worse ! Nowadays, it's better, at least in my school board. Not so much emphasis is placed on this Holiday and no candies or sugar treats are allowed in school. That has made a HUGE difference and the kids still have a great day filled with fun activities and Halloween parade ! DS has never been fond of Halloween either, although he did go trick or treat for a few years. Last week he said that this year he wants to hand out the candy only. Suits me juuuuuuuuuust fine, thank you very much ! LOL

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

We'll be handing out candy, but the kids are too old for trick or treating now ... the girl is going to a Halloween party this weekend dressed as "the abstract concept of evil" (thank goodness it's a Humanities program party,they're the only ones who'd GET IT, lol). The boy will likely dress up and go door to door collecting food for Halloween for Hunger (foodbank) - not exactly trick or treating, though he might accept some candy if offerred! Not sure yet what he'll be.

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