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You sound like me with my pool. I swim two-three miles a day (have only skipped for surgery and a hurricane in the last 18 years), but the hour or so before I go in is like pulling teeth. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And once I'm in, I feel FABULOUS (well, on most days- some days I really just do watch the clock). I don't know why I dread it so much when I am so addicted to swimming and what it does for me.


That's exactly how I feel about my eliptical machine! Great simple layout, it really captures the feeling well. I also am struggling with the eating more and being less motivated to train. Hopefully we'll adjust soon!
Oh and my field trip was fun, thanks :) It was soo tiring but really nice - we went to the Botanical Gardens and there were lots of great things to see.


Barb - what a great idea to scrapbook! Sometimes I get caught up in the "who is in the picture" and that is not always the story. Love your work!

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