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I'm sure there are a lot of us who would agree with you on the sewing thing. I have a pile of stuff that needs mending that just never gets done.


Wow Barb, thank god you have a blog to document your life happenings and gosh have you got it going on! I love love love the new layouts, I really need to get in a groove and not put so much thought into doing something as I think I get discouraged before I even start *sigh* you girls are getting me thinking....... Have a great week Barb :)


Karen, you need to take on a simple scrapping project... one with a deadline! That way, you have no choice but to let go of the notion of perfectionism. Trust me. I used to get that way, but not any more! lol


don't feel bad about the pants hems... people who know that I sew are shocked to find out I don't do hems - ever. I take them to the dry cleaner.... hahaah!


I seem to be the opposite, I sew on fabric (quilts etc) but can't bring myself to sew on layouts! Just shows we're all different.

katie squires

so enjoyed that :)


Love your pages for your parents album! :) I'm with you on the pants hems... I'd rather leave it to the professionals even if I could do it. I call it encouraging my local industries! LOL


Those layouts are amazing!

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