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love the simplicity of this Barb...easy to keep up:)

Nathalie (brn2scrp)

I think your daily album looks awesome ... and chronicling your Christmas prep (or lack thereof) should be exactly about what you do and don't do, it doesn't have to conform to some norm that says you are doing something Christmassy every single day of December! That wouldn't be YOUR album, that would be someone else's ... kwim?

So while I've been feeling guilty about not updating my blog, I feel good now knowing that I'm not contributing to your guilt (cause the house is decorated, the cards are written out, the shopping is done except for stuffers and I baked my first batch of cookies last night). Sorry - I couldn't help boasting - since I am usually the queen of last-minute everything! I share this with good intentions - ie, there is hope for you, Barb!!! Trust me, if I can manage to be this ahead by early December, ANYONE can!

katie squires

Barb I love how real you are...and you far from a Christmas Scrouge, you guys have a full busy life, A WONDERFUL LIFE AT THAT :) Isn't that a Christmas Movie? LOL

Lee Currie

You're doing GREAT. Way better than me! I spent the weekend in a rink - well, four different rinks. NOTHING got done not one decoration out. Rest assured, you will ALWAYS be more organized than me :)


Barb, I love the design of your album. You have great handwritting! Congrats to you for figuring out a way to do a DD album that fits into your life.


Barb, I've got nothing either. Barely any shopping done, no cookies baked, house needs cleaning, and no tree up. It's only Dec 6th, so give yourself a break! I think your album is gorgeous so far, you have a great simple design, and have made it very easy for yourself.. keep it up, you're doing just fine. :)


Actually, I never really "get" DD... I mean, no more than any other month of the year. I throw a tree up in a couple hours, buy a few gifts online and call it done :) I would have nothing much to scrap about beyond that and the usual monthly stuff... so ya, you and me both have scrap pages this month about the usual stuff! And that's great! Now an August daily, prepping and taking canoe trip, now that is something I can see daily stuff of :)


I think you're doing great! You are telling your stories beautifully whatever they may be. Hang in there!


Thanks for peaking at my blog -- I am surprised that DD is taking this much time. I'm hoping as I'm -so far- keeping up that it won't be a lot of work at the end like I had last year, but do feel it eating up my evenings more than expected. I do love the end result though and searching for my story during the day so I know it will be good in the end. Remember that we're having fun and in it together!


Your DD is just awesome, Barb ! I would have liked to do something DD-like this year, but I guess not. Our life is full busy with all kinds of other stuff (EEGs, OT and physio therapy and exercises, swimming lessons, crafts, putting up outdoor Christmas decorations ... Days are just flying by. I had thought of doing a crafts DD but haven't taken much photos and that's way okay in my book ! Living the present moment is what is important to me. That and laughing and living joy. Give yourself a break ! You're living YOUR life and in the end, that's what counts, not how others live their lives.

Angie Lucas

Your photos are great! And at least you're ambitious enough to even TRY December Daily. :)

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