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I think that your scrapbook is great, Barb ! It has a clean and simple design that I love and everything that is needed : pics, design, words and a few embellies ! Keep going, you're inspiring me ! Mine might be even simpler than yours : just words !


yes those big fancy projects are impressive and pretty to look at, but they make a lot of people think no way I can take that on. But a photo, my own handwriting and a strip of ribbon, even I can handle that. Beautiful, simple and doable - love it!


Simple is it's own kind of beauty. I think it's perfect.

Lee Currie

I wish my simple turned out as gorgeous as yours! LOOKS GREAT :)


Simple perfection! Don't get down on yourself for that... you're doing it, and that's what counts. We both know simple is best anyways. ;p Yay!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you Barb! You've totally inspired me:) I've decided to do one too...I haven't scrapbooked in about 2 yrs but this is just the push I need...plus with a little one Christmas takes on a whole different meaning :) Thanks again!

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