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Lee Currie

Sweet layout, Barb. I too am waiting for March Break to be over and the good weather to arrive. Always lots of lessons - for our kids and for us :) Take a break and head down to TO!


Aw, Barb. It's not so much like blind leading the blind, but more like, us parents wishing the best for our children. You are great mom! And what makes you better than the average is that you are so in tune with their needs.

Loving the grandparent photos. Which reminded me that I haven't taken a single photo of my parents with the kids while they've been here. Must remedy that today.



Oh Barb, you silly goose. This is a beautiful layout, full of emotion and such a great idea to scrap about.
My oldest is now officially way taller than me, he's grown like a weed over the winter. I should really scrap that! I think winter is on it's way out, today was so mild, never mind the earthquake I felt at 1:30pm... ;p

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