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I'm still waiting to hear back from you about our 'mist' challenge. ;p ( or maybe not, lol) Hope your scrappping desire comes back soon,it's gotta be the cold, dreary temps, right? You're lucky that snowstorm missed Ottawa on Monday, now that was depressing...Spring can't be far off, please!!?
I used to be a big Scholastic buyer, but I haven't receieved any forms from the new school this year at all, and I miss it- always exciting to get new books. Reminds me I will have to send a note to the teacher and see what's up with that.

katie squires

enjoyed that :) :) :)

Michelle Sturgeon

Hey! Haven't been here in FOREVER! I was at Mellisa's blog and came here.
glad to see you are still making cards. You gave me one a long time ago and I still have it. I always liked your style!


I looooooove the duck card!


What a cute card! Did you knit that duckie yourself? Love the scholastics books. I guess I'd love them even more if the girls actually read all that I have bought for them over the years. But I think that I might have found a winner for Morgane: the french translation of the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid. :) She just went through that book with a smile on her face and she actually enjoyed the process. Now I need to get her the second one. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might have her hooked!

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