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Barb ---- it's GORGEOUS!!!! Not like your regular linear style but still you none the less. I love it!!!!

katie squires

ahhh the cone of SHAME :) LOL


The layout turned out awesome Barb!! Love it!!! So glad you got you scrap on again! ;-)


That layout is AMAZING!! I love the "swish" of the paper!!

That little puppy- so sweet!! I love dogs when they are in that "in between" stage.


I love that page!!! the swirl with the button is awesome!

Lemon is just tooooo cute!


I love your page, Barb. I actually think that it's very well balanced and i love the mix of ingredients on it. Love that new wood desk !

Linda Barber

Page = perfection. Did you handcut those swirls? Puppy dog = too cute! Dang it. I want a dog too. And Happy Thanksgiving. Kind of late. XO!

Katja Schneider

Beautiful page Barb! And how cute is that pup!


I don't see anything wrong with that page. I'm thinking it feels weird to you just because it's outside of your comfort zone. I like it!

(glad to see you scrapping again, too) :)

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